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The one where Trusty Boyfriend Todd triumphs over Bruce Patman… Almost Married

15 Sep

Our book begins in typical Sweet Valley fashion, with a make-out session between Liz and Todd at Miller’s Point. Of course, Elizabeth’s mind is elsewhere, which  – strangely enough –  always seems to happen whenever TBT is attacking her neck. This time, she is thinking about Bruce Patman, who is blaming her mother for his parent’s recent marriage woes, accusing her of being the other woman. Alice Perfect Wakefield? Oh noes!

Sadly, when Liz did some searching recently to prove Patman wrong, she found a picture of Alice, in a wedding dress, with Hank Patman. Busted!

But back to TBT, who is nuzzling Elizabeth’s earlobe with vigor. He suggests that next time their parents are out of town, he shacks up at the Wakefield’s.

Todd is thinking with his genitals. I am surprised.

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Why Sweet Valley High and the Baby-sitter’s Club continue to amuse me…

5 Sep

1] The prom dolls

This amazing piece of merchandise was posted on the SVC facebook page by a superfan. If you look closely, the box says, “Elizabeth, Jessica, Prom Perfect.” I am going to assume that by “Prom Perfect” Mattel is referring to the blue Barbie getting in the Jeep with the pink one’s ken doll after some magic punch, and murdering him.

Also, I found a set on ebay, which are selling for 20% off [which is still a ridonkulous $220.] If I loved you guys that much, it would be an awesome giveaway idea. Instead, I will work on my sisters to go thirds in it.

2]TBT did what?

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