Why Sweet Valley High and the Baby-sitter’s Club continue to amuse me…

5 Sep

1] The prom dolls

This amazing piece of merchandise was posted on the SVC facebook page by a superfan. If you look closely, the box says, “Elizabeth, Jessica, Prom Perfect.” I am going to assume that by “Prom Perfect” Mattel is referring to the blue Barbie getting in the Jeep with the pink one’s ken doll after some magic punch, and murdering him.

Also, I found a set on ebay, which are selling for 20% off [which is still a ridonkulous $220.] If I loved you guys that much, it would be an awesome giveaway idea. Instead, I will work on my sisters to go thirds in it.

2]TBT did what?

TBT, aka Trusty Boyfriend Todd, was apparently not the gentlemen we all thought he was back at SVH. Or as Elizabeth says in SVU#55 “The First Time” [where she doesn’t actually have sex]: “After all, how many times had Todd tried to get past first base in the SVH carpark?” Uh really? I don’t recall a single scene where they did anything but kiss..and talk…and kiss some more…and talk some more. And the school carpark? Ew – couldn’t he at least have waited till Miller’s Point?

Ah TBT, hindsight did you no justice!

3] Lila’s Secret Diary

In SVH #84, Liz’s diary is stolen by her evil date, Kris Lynch. Lila is horrified and tells Jess: “I keep my diary under lock and key at Fowler crest.

A secret diary? From Lila? Why was this not a magna edition? I challenge someone to take it upon themselves to get inside the inner workings of Fowler’s mind and bring it to us. After all, she is the awesomest.

4] All the males in my life are starting to get a little to keen on this BSC/ SVH venture.

For example, when I was freezing cold the other night, instead of offering his jacket like he usually does, the bf goes: “What’s the matter? Is your twin in trouble? [FYI I have no twin.] He would also like my word that TBT will not get screwed over this time. Furthermore, my dad calls every single day asking if I’ve written a part for Seth Engleman and if I could please resurrect Crystal Light the Second. Clearly someone had too much fun reading me “those trashy Karen books” when I was five.

5] And this, from the cover of BSC #104 “Abby’s Twin”.

“Abby and Anna might be twins, but that doesn’t make them the same”. Really, Ann M Martin? Have you and Fran-Pasc been talking? [Rumour has it that Ann M Martin actually ghost-wrote “Double Love…”]. Also, did anyone else realize that Mary-Anne’s place, which was taken down by a fire in the last book of the original BSC, was on Burnt Hill Road? Ah, the irony!

Next post will be chapter 3 of “When Lila Met Stacey”.  Margo is stirring!

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