Ustream: Live Fan Chat With Francine Pascal

11 Jun

It took a little while for this to get off the ground. First there were “technical difficulties” and then Fran-Pasc contracted food poisoning [I blame either the Clam Chowder or a Jessica attempt at seafood salad].

Being the middle of the day in Australia, I was at work and missed the fan chat when it finally happened, but it’s been posted on Sweet Valley Unlimited‘s website .

Throughout the interview, Francine is thoroughly delightful, witty and graceful in her 73 years.

She would date a combination of Bruce and Todd!!! Winston is a C-lister [obvs his A-list hookups are forgotten]!!! The draft for the movie script is ALMOST READY! [Also – was that a snide little remark to the TV show producers about “nobody listening” to her advice on the screenplay]

Anyway, Imma quit the spoilers and let you finish. But now, to find a set of twins perfect enough to fulfill Dame Pascal’s vision for the film version…..


2 Responses to “Ustream: Live Fan Chat With Francine Pascal”

  1. winstonegbert June 11, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    Also in recent news, the rest of the SVC series will happen [YAY] but in digital version [BOO]
    Full article at

  2. Laura Kate June 14, 2011 at 11:48 am #

    Hi Winston!
    I missed the chat too – I was also at work. Boo. But watched the whole thing absolutely riveted. I loved what she said about not being able to control Margo on a desert island!
    And I was super excited about the possibility of her doing more signings. I am serious when I say I would actually fly over there to meet her. Let me know if you’re interested in going :p
    Laura Kate

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