Sweet Valley Conspiracy Theories: Part #2

21 Jun

Three’s A Crowd, starring Mary Giaccio…Could it really be Margo??

Before we examine the evil-twin-like behaviours of Mary whatever-her-name-is, let us briefly recap this ridiculous edition of SVT.

The Unicorns are fund-raising so they can throw a dance. [I’m sorry, but isn’t that what the PTO is for?] Anyhow, they’re putting together a celebrity cookbook, which involves writing to their favourite movie-stars and coercing Liz into loaning them HER TYPEWRITER to publish it with. A typewriter. Bless. Small but important point – none of the Unicorns can type, although Jessica decides to pretend she can to impress Janet.

Liz is busy covering ‘Career’s Day’ for The Sixers, and submitting editions of the paper to win some junior journalism award. Ho Hum. Jessica, however, throws a spanner in the works by impersonating Liz on the phone, and getting all the dates and speakers for Careers Day mixed up. She then borrows the typewriter for the Unicorn’s cookbook, and stuffs it. Liz doesn’t even get mad. She really needs to grow a spine.

Meanwhile, Mary has been spending every waking minute at the Wakefields, or more specifically, in the kitchen with Alice. [More on this later.] She saves the day for Liz and somehow fixes the broken typewriter. The fact that a Unicorn is privy to the workings of Elizabeth’s typewriter is a little creepy, and leads me to the conclusion that she has been spying on Liz. [Evidence point #1]

This epic typewriting mission continues the following afternoon, when Mary is yet again hangin’ at the Wakefields, and offers to go fetch the typewriter from Liz’s room so they can work on the cookbook. After an extraordinarily long absence, she returns and is all, “does Elizabeth like horses? There’s lots of horse posters in her room.” Obvs Margo still has a few lessons to learn in subtlety. [Evidence point #2]

Liz is wonderful, as we are constantly reminded, and is selected as a finalist in the journalism competition despite Jessica bombarding her typewriter. She needs to submit another edition of the newspaper, which coincides with the much-hyped “Careers Day”. Jessica, being an idiot, spills grape juice all over the master copy, and instead of fessing up, decides to “fix up” Elizabeth’s article. Not only can she not spell, but she changes one of the articles to read, “Fabulous Gretchen Tyler Speaks to the Unicorns.”

The plot thickens. Mrs Wakefield runs into Mary’s foster parents and finds out that they are thinking of adopting. Hurrah! Think Jess and Liz. Finally she’ll quit loitering around our house.

“Wait till I tell Lila and Ellen,” said Jessica. “Maybe we can throw Mary an adoption party or something.” But she goes one better, and adds this information to the gossip column in the Sixer’s master. Wow. She justifies it, of course, by going on about how creepy Mary is acting.

The school is a-buzz the next day, and Liz finally gets her back up at Jess for making her look like a bad speller, and a heinous bitch. Turns out Mary doesn’t actually want to be adopted by the Altmans at all, and is waiting for her biological parents to return.  [Or maybe she really wants a shot at becoming Elizabeth Wakefield.]

But because this is Sweet Valley, Mary’s biological mother does turn up, just ten pages later. [Now I have cousins who happen to have been adopted into the family, and I’m sorry but that is just plain unrealistic. And disappointing. Anyhow, enough of the soapbox.] Turns out Mary’s mother is a DEAD RINGER FOR ALICE WAKEFIELD. Which tells us why Mary was so intent on hanging at the Wakefields, but also makes it more plausible that:

Evidence Point #3 Mary herself could morph into a Wakefield lookalike.

The grand mother-daughter reunion happens at the Wakefield’s house, of course. But wait for it – Mary was never actually given away by mummy dear, but was KIDNAPPED BY Annie Giaccio. Who later tired of the blonde five year old and fostered her out. So we get our happy ending, Mrs Robinson agrees to move to Sweet Valley, Mr Bowman likes the tampered version of Liz’s article better than the original [HA!] and the twins go back to being friends. Also Mary is no longer pissed that her secrets were blabbed over the whole school.

So now, let’s examine the evidence that Mary is just a younger Margo in disguise….

Evidence point #4: Mary spends a ridiculous amount of time at the Wakefield’s house. Let’s take a look:

Mary invited herself over the following day, just as Jessica had expected. Jessica didn’t understand why Mary wanted to come over, and she didn’t like it one bit. “Sorry, Mary,” she said. “I’m going over to Ellen’s. Would you like to come with us?”

“I don’t think so,” Mary responded. “I should probably work on my social studies report.”

Jessica smiled to herself. So far her suspicions were correct. Mary wanted to be around Jessica only if she could spend time with Mrs Wakefield.

Evidence point #5: Mary’s favourite activities include cooking and cleaning with Alice.

I counted ten occasions where she asks, “Do you need help fixing dinner?” Now, we know that Margo’s weapon of choice was the butcher’s knife, so it makes perfect sense that young Margo would learn her trade in the kitchen.

Evidence point #6 Mary thinks she is a Wakefield.

As our catchy little tagline on the cover asks,“Why is the twin’s friend Mary suddenly acting like their sister?” Why, indeed? Maybe because she knows her rightful place is in the Wakefield family, dammit!

Evidence point #7 Mary is a foster child, like Margo.

Readers of Sweet Valley High will know all about Margo’s history as a state ward, being fostered to numerous families in Ohio and Long Island since she was two years of age. She also makes a habit of murdering her various foster siblings – like little George Smith, who she drowns, and Nina, who she burns. Mary, as we’ve discussed above, has been fostered out across the state since her kidnapping.

Evidence point #8 Like Margo, Mary undergoes various name changes throughout this book, and in fact, the Sweet Valley series.

In this book, she is Mary Giaccio, and is fostered by the Altmans and eventually adopted by her biological parents, the Robinsons. In the Unicorn Series, she is Mary Wallace. In SVH, she has fallen off the face of the planet, most likely to Cleveland, where she became Margo.

I note that Margos’ alter egos in SVH all have names like “Marla”, “Mandy” and “Michelle”. So Mary is a logical choice for the tween-aged Margo.

I’m convinved 100%. Mary Giaccio-Altman-Robinson-Wallace is actually Margo.

On another note – Liz’s friends throw a surprise birthday party for Mr Bowman who is – wait for it – twenty-seven!! That comes as something of a shock, given that I’d always pictured Bowman as an overweight 45 year old with a ruddy complexion and mismatched clothes. 27 just shed a whole new light on SVT’s answer to Pervy Collins….

If you have some of your own conspiracy theories about the goings-on in Sweet Valley, please don’t hesitate to send me your ideas, which I will publish as a guest post. Anything remotely relating to Margo and her past is particularly appreciated.


6 Responses to “Sweet Valley Conspiracy Theories: Part #2”

  1. sophie June 21, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    Wow. Ok how bout this – Mary’s mother’s surname is Robinson, which is the same as Alices [in the sagas, etcetera]
    So they could be separated at birth? It explains why Mary/Margo looks like Jess and Liz!
    Or maybe she is Nora???

    • winstonegbert June 21, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

      Ohmigosh that is AWESOME. I think Alice spells hers, “Robertson”, but I wouldn’t put it past Margo’s folks to deliberately misspell their names. Hats off.

    • dianne August 25, 2011 at 2:17 am #

      Alice’s surname is Robertson… not RObinson =)

  2. Liesel June 29, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    I’d completely forgot about this particular storyline – thanks for the recap!
    As for your character analysis and M2M disection… Lol, your breakdown points made me laugh! I’m quite clued up w/ SVT trivia – as opposed to the others – but i’d of never thought to compare Mary >> Margo the way you have, (i’ve always noticed her freakishly Wakefield resemblance though)

  3. IN LOVE WITH MATTHEW!!!! June 25, 2019 at 4:07 am #

    One of Margo’s pseudonyms was “Judith”, not an “M” name

    • winstonegbert June 25, 2019 at 7:12 am #

      I’d forgotten this…. was she the babysitter or the caterer or someone else?

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