500 Christmases later….

23 Feb

Well that 7 years went by in the blink of an eye. That would be what, 50 years in Sweet Valley time? Even longer in Jessica standard time? Lilely encompassing 500 Christmases, 200 pool pushes and 137 shoulder pats. But hey, who’s counting.



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Since last post, [which was around the time I was receiving my degree, starting life as a junior doctor and ending a 5 year relationship], I threw myself into a career in medicine which has been both demanding and incredibly rewarding, met my trustyhusband, [kind of a Morrow-Wilkins-Johnny Buck hybrid] and basically abandoned most creative pursuits. [Without so much as a goodbye, I now realise. How Grace Fowler of me!]  And recently, shortly after taking up meditation during my six month sabbatical, I realised that I Want Sweet Valley Back in my life. So when my mother, after 20 years, decided to renovate my childhood bedroom [the nerve!] and to abandon my entire YA collection to A CRATE IN THE GARAGE, I decided to re-adopt these fine works of literature into the marital home.

Some things on the site are different. I’ve removed the SVH/BSC Crossover Fan Fic from the site, to make some of your recommended adjustments and maybe even self-publish [doubting random house will pick up any piece where an annoying brat of a sitting charge goes on a rasping, murderous rampage in New York…] I’ve also taken down some of the more medically oriented posts, because as a nearly graduated medical student back then I really had NO IDEA, and some of my material was frankly inaccurate and bordered on insulting. I’ve also mellowed, and hopefully wisened up a little, and as a result am feeling a little more nostalgic and a little less snarky in my older age; I would rather pay homage to the ghostwriting teams who brought so much joy into my young adulthood [though I’ll still be up for the odd snark-cap and calling SV on its BS from time to time!]

So not being a facebook user anymore, I’ve set up a new Instagram page @sweetvalley_SVH [I’m very new to the whole insta thing]; where I will be focussing on outfit recaps, YA trivia, and the aforementioned brief snarks on any covers and plots that catch my attention. It should be a more modern and less all-consuming way to keep a little more Margo and a little more Winston in my heart. Husband totally on board, btw, and has agreed to photograph 30 something year old me posing as 16 year olds from the 80s.

But finally, thank you for your ongoing readership. It was pleasing to log back on the wordpress site after all these years and see the ongoing comments and views and be reminded of the lighthearted joy/escapism that Sweet Valley has provided this online community. Apologies for the long break, and thank you for the support over the years. I will see how the insta thing goes and maybe even pop in here from time to time. 2019 seems a long way from Sweet Valley, but my heart is still very much spending Lila’s money at Lisettes, having salty chocolate kisses at Miller’s Point, or sharpening my knives at the Shady Lady.



2 Responses to “500 Christmases later….”

  1. Denise February 23, 2019 at 9:46 am #

    I’m a little sad that the fanfic got taken down, but oh well! Life will continue and we’ll have our fond memories. Welcome back! 😀

  2. Lurker March 29, 2019 at 4:07 am #

    I am so glad that you have started posting again! I really, really love your blog.

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