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One Book Wonder #3: Tom McKay from SVH #74 “Amy’s True Love”

25 Jul


This week’s one-book wonder is……. Tom McKay! And no, he’s not Amy’s true love.

amys true love

Pictured here as an effeminate Ken Doll. 


First of all, there is WAAAAY too much Amy Sutton in this book.

Even in the one token book about the one token non-heterosexual in Sweet Valley, the book focuses instead on Amy Sutton and her first world white girl issues.

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The Best One Book Wonder Characters: # 2 April Dawson from SVH #80 “The Girl They Both Loved.”

10 Jul
Image result for sweet valley high 80

Epic bangs, and product placement with the pink helmet.


April Dawson is the coolest lipstick-wearing dirt bike racer to ever rock Sweet Valley. The title, on the other hand, is a total misnomer, as only one of those dudes is in love with her [slash using her for her dirt bike skills. Read on].

Although April is a total ace dirt bike rider, it doesn’t take over her whole life. Her boring boyfriend Michael Harris [previously of the ill-fated engagement to Maria Santelli ], on the other hand, is so obsessed with dirt bike riding it has rendered him housebound. He legit complains about visiting his dying grandmother because he’ll have to miss a race and run the risk of Artie Western scoring more points for the Sweet Valley team than him.

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