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The Best One Book Wonder Characters: # 2 April Dawson from SVH #80 “The Girl They Both Loved.”

10 Jul
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Epic bangs, and product placement with the pink helmet.


April Dawson is the coolest lipstick-wearing dirt bike racer to ever rock Sweet Valley. The title, on the other hand, is a total misnomer, as only one of those dudes is in love with her [slash using her for her dirt bike skills. Read on].

Although April is a total ace dirt bike rider, it doesn’t take over her whole life. Her boring boyfriend Michael Harris [previously of the ill-fated engagement to Maria Santelli ], on the other hand, is so obsessed with dirt bike riding it has rendered him housebound. He legit complains about visiting his dying grandmother because he’ll have to miss a race and run the risk of Artie Western scoring more points for the Sweet Valley team than him.

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