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Want a set of Team Elizabeth and Team Jessica shirts? IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!

22 Aug

I was rather surprised when Sweet Valley Confidential contacted me recently, offering a set of TEAM ELIZABETH and TEAM JESSICA T-shirts for a give-away for you guys.

Sucked in unicorn club - even you guys didn't have matching shirts THIS awesome

For starters, 75% of this blog is committed to snarking about all the ridiculous things that went down in Sweet Valley, and I haven’t exactly had a million nice things to say about Fran-Pasc, either.

But you, my lovely readers, have the opportunity to win a set of the official shirts right here, which is probably easier than entering the facebook contests on SVC’s page [they’re up to something like 11,000 fans]

To win, simply leave a brief comment here telling me your favourite Sweet Valley character [any series] and what you loved most about them.

Winner will be judged on merit and I will email you the contact details so you can receive this very coveted prize!

Unfortunately, SVC can only ship to the USA and Canada, which I learned the hard way after spending hours on Twitter trying to win my own set here in Australia :[

Congratulations to DeathyCat and Cheryl, who are the winners of a Team Winston shirt from our last giveaway. Please sent postage details to winston.egbert@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll post out your prizes promptly!

UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS TO EMILY, who picked Margo as her favourite character! I am amused that someone else also reads “The Evil Twin” on Christmas Eve [although I alternate yearly with “Return of the Evil Twin”]. Email me on winston.egbert@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll tell you how to collect your prize from SVC!

Congrats on the great responses everyone!


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